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Oak floor FIEMME 3000 - 15 mm thickness


 Oak Parquet  Bio mod. "REALE" thikcness 15mm

Oak in the upper part and Val di Fiemme fir body, glued with environmentally friendly adhesive, healthy and breathable finish with natural oils and resin.

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Oak (Quercus petraea) is typical tree of the Italian and European landscape, the wood is heavy and durable, among the finest and it can be used for floors, furniture, stairs, doors and windows.
The Oak floor is sturdy and durable with a marked brown and yellow vein. It's particularly hard thanks to the slow annual growth  typical of this wood. Such a floor is very resistant to foot traffic and to the wear and tear of time.


Similar to the raw essence without treatment
Essence: OAK
Thickness: 15mm    upper oak sheet: 3.6 mm
Width: 158/192/240 mm - 280 mm (maxi) - 192/240/280/325 mm (long) Length 1850/2000/2400 mm - 2800 mm (maxi) - 5000 mm (long)
Choices: Without knots, knotty, variegated
Retro: Oak / Fir
From: Europe
Fire Reaction class: Cfl-s1 form
Formaldehyde emission: E1 (<0,1ppm)
Conductivity 0.15 W / mK
Thermal Resistance: 0.10 K/W
Weight: 8.90 kg/sqm
Humidity: 7% +/- 2%
Hardness: 23-42 N/mm


Thanks to a scientific research lasting more than two years, the CNR-Ivalsa has confirmed that the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) emitted by these floors and complements, are beneficial for people's health and improve the quality of the air inside the houses. On these days on the market there are countless construction products and furniture that unfortunately can produce potentially harmful chemicals. Furniture, claddings, the same enclosures of buildings in fact emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), chemical compounds characterized by a certain volatility. Many of these VOCs lower air quality, can cause irritation and discomfort. FIEMME 3000 floors do not pollute the air but even improve its quality. In a world of responsible producers and visionary administrators, the FIEMME 3000 health standards should become the new environmental prevention requirements.


  • No Heavy Metals: No heavy metals were found on any FIEMME 3000 floor.
  • No Radioactivity: In no FIEMME 3000 floor was radioactivity, except that normally contained in the wood according to the thresholds considered harmless.
  • No petroleum: No floor FIEMME 3000 contains or emits substances derived from petroleum.
  • No Harmful VOC: The VOCs emitted by FIEMME 3000 floors are typical VOCs of plants and trees, which can commonly be detected in a contaminated forest.
  • Alpha-Pinene: FIEMME 3000 floors emit some VOCs that can also be found in some balsamic medical product for the personal care, such as alpha-pinene.

- the Oak "Reale" mod.  is just one of the floors of Fiemme 3000: ask for clarifications and estimates on all the floors of Fiemme 3000 -


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Listone FIEMME

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Listone FIEMME - Cert. FSC

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Listone FIEMME - Cert. PEFC

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