Thermal insulation cork panels

The cork is the traditional heat insulator in the Mediterranean area: before petrolderivati , the cork has always been used for the thermal insulation of the roofs. Artimestieri offers free preliminary calculation of transmittance, for  a correct purchase of cork panels for the roof. Remember to pose at least 2 or 3 layers of cork panels well crossing the seams, in order to avoid thermal bridges . Another thing not to do is to insert wooden battens between the panels : a good roof insulation should consist of 2 or 3 continuous layers of cork panels of adequate thickness .


If you want good protection even from the summer heat , make a ventilated roof preparing ventilation channels that allow hot air to escape from the ridge of the roof. The measure of protection from the heat , that the venitlated roof   ensures to spaces below, is measured in hours of thermal lag, that is the time that the protective roof ventilation opposes external radiation . A good value for thermal lag is in the order of 12 hours., In other words, if the ventilated roof " resists" for 12 hours to solar rediation without  a significant increase in temperature in spaces below, you will arrive at sunset and temperature due to radiation will decrease naturally . It's important to remember that the thermal insulation of ventilated roof with panels of cork guarantees , as well as the correct value of the thermal transmittance of the roof , also the value of thermal lag , that you cannot obtain with insulation panels made from petroleum derivates,  which ensure the transmission "winter" but not the " thermal lag " that is, the protection from the summer heat .


Another element is the floor to isolate the unheated rooms : to the basement, the garage or the floor laid on the ground . The isolation of the slab can be achieved with the mixed cork or  with blond cork panels in one or more layers well accommodated under the floor : as for the roof and the walls , Artimestieri provides a calculation that allows you to purchase even if the calculation of thermal engineering is not yet available. The blond cork panels  always ensure the correct bearing capacity of the slab of residential houses. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask for advice on the choice of the thermal substrate most suitable for your needs :
1 - screed with a mixture of cork and natural hydraulic lime .
2 - concrete slab cast on a double layer of blond cork panels .
3 - cork panels in combination with other natural materials suitable to the situation .


To buy the cork for the ' thermal insulation of the roof, or for  coat, or  to insulate inside of the walls complete the shopping cart and submit the form; in a few days, the cork will be delivered to your home without any problems. For more information, please write to

Thermal insulation cork panels

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